The Naughty Side

Here we let loose the fun, adult-oriented, often immature and sometimes offending side of our personalities. Introducing the naughty side of Art of Embroidery.

Art of Embroidery is owned and operated by the lovely Kathy, based in south-eastern Pennsylvania, USA. With more than 20 years experience in the embroidery field and digitizing, Kathy is a master at digitizing. She uses these skills daily to digitize embroidery designs for commercial and home clientele world-wide. was created for the purpose of providing quality embroidery designs of a naughty nature. These designs are adult-oriented, intended for viewing and use by those ages 18 and older. Profanity, anatomically correct and caricatured anatomy are featured in some of the designs.

If you are offended by the content of this site, you are under the age of 18 years or this content is not legal in your country, please feel free to visit our main design website. For everyone else – let’s be naughty together with embroidery art!

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